I’m lovin it


It was not a usual sight at McDonalds store. The usual quite morning store was buzzing with life. For once, people were happy, cheering and communicating while standing in the queues. The ones who got their burgers were having it with a delight on their faces. There were few house-wives / full-time-moms in their sneakers sitting and having a good conversation over a McMuffins and coffees. Dozen college students appeared out of no where and stood in the line in anticipation with smiles on their faces. There were security guards from the nearby building, marketing fellows, nurses from the adjacent hospitals stopping by to have their morning McMuffins.

This full-of-life sight was because McDonalds was serving free McMuffins (veg and egg) to everyone. Yes Free. Just walk in between 7am to 11am on 18th March, you’ll get a free McMuffin. The campaign was to promote their free Breakfast Menu.


Am sure McDonalds will get a great mileage out of it. But more than that, this morning will be etched in many peoples memories. Those college kids when they’ll become old. That one working child  that had McMuffin for the first time in his life. Those aunties, who after their regular morning jogs, have something to share with their peers during their morning walks.  Those young IT professionals who were having burger in one hand and calling all their friends with another. And lastly, yours truly, who got one for the wifey and she said thanks with the smile. I do get breakfast from McDonalds on odd weekend mornings, but never before she had it with a smile on her face, like today. (She read about the free offer in the Newspaper)

Thank you McDonalds, I’m lovin it.

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