An Ode to the Old Year

Just another wake-up call

Midway into December, I get a call from an unknown no. that flashes Scotland. Who do I know in  ‘Half the world away and at least twenty degrees colder Scotland?’ The only person that comes to my mind is Mukesh. I have never met Mukesh. Atleast not the way ‘met’ is understood traditionally.  I met Mukesh through my blog. These were the beginning days of the blog. He would always drop an encouraging comment or two. And soon he became a regular 🙂 I discovered that he and his wife Suparna were serial entrepreneurs. Not only were they always bubbling with new ideas they also walked the extra mile and put them into action.

On the other hand, I am at my moodiest in my writing. I never respond well to topics and themes and deadlines. I can not be summoned to write. My words creep upon me when they…

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