Men on my mind – book review

Short review: It’s a cleverly written novel that embraces classic chick literature plot. An entertaining read for women in teens and twenties. And also, for people who love M&B.

Radha Thomas

Radha Thomas


On Sunday afternoon, within an hour of my online conversation with the author, Radha Thomas, the book was in my hands. She sent across the review copy with the driver, who smilingly handed it over. After a heavy lunch, I started reading a book. On to the second page, I came across this line.

I had on my mind other things that were far more pervasive. Thoughts that had nothing to do with books and everything to do with boys. What I would do with them and what they would do back to me. Over and over again. That’s all I could think about.


Like the fact that I was only seven.

Seven and these thoughts, it put me off and I kept the book aside and dozed off. But when I finally finished the book, I realized how stupid I was to judge the book so early.

So here’s the blurb and the cover.





Detailed review


It’s a story about a girl, who grew up thinking about men – 24 x 7. As young as seven, the protagonist closely observed and influenced by the lifestyle of her hot and sassy aunt, who dated men, dime-a-dozen. She was sent to all-girls boarding school which ignited her curiosity even more. After school, she had her share of men and experiences of touch, kiss and everything else, apart from being part of the band as a Jazz Singer.  Post graduation, she moved to New york to assist the same aunt and there she got exposed to whole new world with whole new species of men. In US, she found work and moved in with a Jazz musician. He was good but not ‘the one’. On an event management tour in Beijing, she explored several rich and dynamic men, but the Mr. perfect was nowhere in sight. Finally in the last 5 pages, something happened.

The story appears semi-biographical 😉 especially if you connect with the author details on the cover. A lot of elements to keep you interested through out, right from events in all-girls boarding school to Jazz music nights to nude beach in US.

Title, cover and blurb

Awesome cover with befitting title that promises a lot of chick literature. Blurb, full of spices, will seduce you to buy the book. Good first impressions there.


Classic plot of a chick literature, where a woman has to meet many wrong men before finding the right one. Executed well.


Set in the present day and age, the story moves from Boarding school, Mumbai, New york and Beijing. The places are described well.

Story structure

It follows the linear story structure with defined start and end. It followed an interesting pattern in the first half of the novel, then it was just one event after another leading to an interesting climax. Would have loved more conflict, pinch points, setup-payoffs in the second half.

Writing style

This is where the author gets full marks. She has such a strong hold on the language, that she can describe two completely different emotions crisply with an ease. Here’s the sample paragraph, when a teen protagonist is meeting a boy (friend’s brother) to learn the guitar.

I had to do this right. I had to make him feel that my feelings hadn’t changed since the day before. So I snuggled and kissed earnestly, deftly fending off Johnny’s fumbling and bra-unclasping attempts. Then I diverted his attention to the chords C, F and G, which were fortunately far more difficult that A, D and E. That took a lot more time than he’d counted on. Barre chords are not easy for a student on her second day, especially upside-down, so that cut down hugely on wrestling time.

and another

He had probably been out playing doctor with God knows how-many women all over New York, leaving me to do his dirty dishes! That scoundrel.


The story is narrated in First person, interestingly nowhere the protagonist is nameless. On the same note, it left to reader’s imagination how the protagonist look like, though the author does describe her indirectly through comparison on couple of occasions. Language is easy and lucid.

Special mention – Naming of the Chapters

Radha Thomas has done a remarkable job in naming of the chapters. Can’t get juicer than this. Check it for yourself.


Chapter index


Chapter index


Women in late teens and twenties will love the book and this book is also for men who wants to know “What women really think about while having sex?”.

What do you think about the book and this review? Tell me your opinion in the box below.

(PS: here’s the review from a fellow blogger – Pooja )


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