You’ll love this for sure


Ismita wrote this poem, ‘The Beasts Run Wild’ after reading about the Delhi Rape incident.
Watch her reciting the poem in the 5th Jan Authors’ Hangout Discussion arranged by Storizen TV.

The Beasts Run Wild
We all have violence in us,
A terrorist, a rapist, a murderer,
There’s great courage, too,
A fighter, a protector, a nurturer,
The beast is in us, we are not in the beast,
Truth is, we choose who we wish to be.
If the beast runs wild, within and without,
Neither our roads, nor our women are safe,
If rape saddens us,
It somewhere also tells us that we fear for ourselves.

If in a free country men without title can strip a woman like flesh off a chicken bone,
Then what do we need the men with titles for?
Why don’t the hands of power crack the whip?
Why do petitions need to be signed?
Why don’t the men in Khaki, khadi just do their jobs?
Isn’t that’s why we cast our votes, to be kept safe from this senseless rage?
If each man’s for himself than what do we need the government for?
Our system is a failure; no country can be free while its people live in fear.

Why don’t the gangbangers feel any shame?
Have they not come from a womb, from between the legs?
Were they born any different from us?
Or did their mothers leave them in a garbage bin when they were born?
Maybe they should have.


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