Book trailers: what do you think?

Lately, Indian authors are considering making a Book Trailer to promote their books.

Here’s one by Madhuri Banerjee – Mistakes like Love and Sex

and here’s another by Ashwin Sanghi – The Krishna Key

I happen to bump across a Hollywood documentary maker, Jason Wishnow, who had made couple of Book trailers himself. I discussed with him what he thinks of book trailers.

He said, “Book trailer is a not a good idea, your book in itself be remarkable itself that you don’t need any audio visual to promote it”.

My dear reader so the question to you is

Would you like to watch a Book Trailer before buying a book? or Whether book trailers will help in  discovering the new books?

Waiting for your comments….


4 thoughts on “Book trailers: what do you think?

  1. No Mukesh, I would not. Instead I will wait to read reviews and then possibly borrow from the library. Reading extracts in a book shop before buying would be another option for me

    • Ravinder Sir,

      With over 200 books (in Indian fiction Genre) releasing every year, some of the good books I’ve seen didn’t take-off because of the insufficient marketing.

      Any pointers to most effective (inexpensive) ways to market the books?

      • Did the ones that tasted success do so because of marketing, or due to some other reason?

        I could suggest that put in some WIIFM for a buyer/reader to tweet about it…almost free publicity for the author/publisher…could be as simple as a customised book marker shipped to you after an exchange of twitter message,,,of course, the question here is just how many of the buyers/readers now are on twitter? And whether they would find the freebie worth their time?

        Interesting question ..what is the cause and effect of marketing in the sales of a book. Is it the content? Is it the author? (only for known names) Is it the title? Is it the price? Is it the discount in a store? Reviews? Word of mouth publicity? Age/sex of the reader/buyer?

  2. Only Anurag Kashyap need film festivals & camera techniques to publicise his films, Rajkumar Hirani donesn’t need, his cinema sells with mouth publicity & incredible credibility he build from the very first film he made………I don’t think chetan bhagat’s book need a video trailer………Good books get noticed sooner or later……….. This is my perception.

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