Melbourne wishlist (top 5)

I have a special connection with Melbourne, even though I am yet to visit the magical city. It was year 2000, when I was offered my first overseas job and it was in Melbourne. I was delighted. While scouting around, I manage to grab two more offers – one in Michigan and another one in California, USA. But I was very sure, that Melbourne is the place I want to be.

But call it fate, there was a bubble-burst, a dotcom bubble. The company, who was eager to get me to Melbourne started refusing my calls. So did the two US companies, thanks to bubble burst the world learned a big lesson.

My romance with the city started like any other Indian, thanks to MCG.  In the school, I’ve learnt that Melbourne scored 1st spot as the Most Livable city on the Planet.

So here’s my 5 item Melbourne wishlist

1. Great Ocean Walk tour – On the first day itself, I would love to take this Great Ocean Walk tour. Have heard about this couple of years back and since then it has become the 1st entry in my wish list for Melbourne. Check out the trailer below.

2. MCG – Need I say more? Well let me tell you a bit, it’s the 10th largest stadium in the world. If I am there, I wish to catch a one-day tie between India and Australia. If that’s not happening, I would equally love to watch a AFL (Australian Football League) match.

3. Federation Square (popularly known as Fed Square) – It’s definitely one of the largest public places in the world. When it opened in 2002 to public, many Australians termed it as one of the most ugliest buildings. But it turns out, it’s the #2 tourist spot. Would like to observe the various free Galleries that it offers and of course shopping, dining and entertainment.

4. Queen Victoria Market – What should I say about this Shopping Mecca.  I would like to take foodie tours to know the nuances and history about the market. Being a vegetarian, I believe it will be a visual treat to see so many fruits and veggies with different colors, shapes and aromas.

5. Crown Casino – This is Melbourne’s answer to Las Vegas. Lights, Grandeur, fireworks, lots of shows and Gaming (read Gambling). Would like to spend the whole night in the complex to soak in the Material world 🙂

Apart from these five, I would love to do shopping across various stores in Melbourne for my 3 yr old girls and dear wifey. If I happened to bump in to Brett Lee, I would ask him to bowl against me. There are probably 1,000 more things, but the five important once I would cover for sure.

So hope Tourism Victoria can fulfill my wishes. Here’s the link to know more about Melbourne.

This is an entry to Indiblogger contest. Indibloggers vote here.

PS: Bollywood has a special relation with Melbourne. Click here to know more.


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