the thermocol ball

I was giving finishing touches to the slide deck in my study when my 3 year old sweetheart came up and said, “Baba see this…”

I ignored her as I was completely engrossed.

She said, “Can I eat this?”

That was ‘khatre ki ghanti’ and I looked at  her.

“Where did you get that?” I asked curiously.

“Gareema gave me.”

Gareema and Deeksha are my twin daughters.

I stopped everything and went straight to the living room, couldn’t believe what I saw.

“Gareemaaaaa,” somehow these Indian names that ends with a vowel adds a lot more punch when you scream.

Anyways, the reason for my scream, she turned the bean bag upside down, had open the chain and was taking out small thermocol balls from it.

Looking at me, she stopped for a moment. But Gareema being Gareema, she started pulling out those tiny balls at a rapid speed with a giggle. Observing this reaction from her sister, Deeksha joined her and both of them started pulling while they looked at my furious look. Soon, the bean bag was empty.

They continue to giggle and then they started throwing those balls in the air. I couldn’t resist the fun they were having, instead of stopping them, I joined in. I too started flying thermocol in the air. I picked those tiny ones and one by one showered on both of them. They copied that and showered me with those balls. Deeksha then put some of them in my t-shirt and started laughing. Gareema joined in and soon they made me look like a big fat Santa.

At that time, my phone rang. It was wifey. She started with the standard question, “How are these girls doing?”

I said, “They are fine….. they are just …………..drawing with crayons…. ”

“Ok, I will be back in another 10 minutes. bye.” She kept the phone.

Gosh, I thought, I have to clean up this mess before she arrives otherwise all of us had it for that day.

I said to to the girls clapping, “Ok…. ok….. mama is coming….. let’s clean up… fast…”

Girls promptly changed and started singing the nursery rhyme in unison while cleaning up, “Clean up… clean up… everybody do yourself… Clean up…”

We manage to put the thermocol back in the bean bag few seconds before the mama arrived at the door.

“Babies….” she said, “How are you?”

Deeksha (Another MKGandhi in the making) said, “Mama, we cleaned up everything. We were playing with small balls”

“Hmm…Wow,” She didn’t bother to clarify, “Look what I’ve got for  you”

All of them went inside to look what Mama has got for them. I took a deep breath and looked at the light purple bean bag that had a logo of Surf Excel. I won that bean bag by answering one of the question in the Indiblogger meet. I remembered the event…

Aug 4th 2012 – Hotel Capitol

“Let’s park there,” Wifey pointed to the empty slot in parking lot of the Hotel. I parked and walked inside the Hotel where Indiblogger meet was supposed to start. I chose indiblogger meet over the event at Google India, because at Indiblogger meet, I could my wifey. I was in a dilemma, whether I made a mistake because being at the event at Google India would gave me a little more insight in the Tech world (I am a hardcore techie – just to remind you). But boy what an event it turned out to be.

It started with the introduction round. Wow, what an interesting, fun and touching round it was. I heard the stories that made me laugh, cry and inspired.

I remember the guy who gave a funniest introduction ever. He had attended all the Indibloggers meet and complained about the black and white color t-shirts that indiblogger gave it to him.

In another introduction, a woman said, “my family doesn’t know that a gifted artist is living among them,” was the most hilarious line spoken in the event.

I was touched by the stories of a surviving cancer patient and a handsome young blogger – who blogs on the experiences of getting blind.

Some interesting stories from a girl who worked in India’s best company yet find her job – boring. Another was of a hardcore writer, who wrote only for himself and didn’t want anyone’s approval.

During introduction some questions were being asked, me and wifey were quick to answer and in no time – we had two bean bags in our kitty.

Group games started. We were playing ball again. All of us were taken back to the age when all of us were kids. So much fun.

At the end of the games, Yippie my team (orange) won. Guess what, I was rewarded with a Samsung DVD player.

click on the picture to view all the event photos

The high tea had some sumptuous sandwiches and delicious finger food.

It followed by a detail and humorous session by Surf Excel brand manager Mr. Nair on ‘Why the washing machine was the best invention of the century?’ and also about How new Surf Excel with vibrating molecules is the most improved washing powder of this day.

At the end, new relationships were forged, smiles were exchanged and the experience were etched in our brains for long time to come.

This was one of the best days of my life because

  • we brought home a car full of goodies
  • 4 tshirts
  • 2 kg surf excel
  • 2 bean bags – a light purple ones. Girls love playing with them.
  • 1 Big Gift hamper that contain a big Dove shampoo, a big Dove Conditioner, a perfume, a body lotion and a hand wash.
  • and most important of all a samsung DVD player.

The DVD player has USB, so now we watch most of the movies directly by connecting a USB drive in to the DVD player. We have now lined up 50 movies to watch.

But the most important gift from this #SoakNoMore Indiblogger meet is my wifey got back the inspiration to write. She created a blog and till date she has more than dozen entries already in her blog.

Thank you Indiblogger and thank you all the people behind SurfExcel #SoakNoMore  meeting.
PS: for all social media enthusiast – #SoakNoMore and #Indiblogger were top trending topics on twitter on Aug 4th and Aug 5th. A perfect social media campaign.

Indibloggers click here to promote


3 thoughts on “the thermocol ball

  1. One question Mukesh on “top trending topics”… they are so transient, maybe that is by design?

    Good story about your daughters…made me smile 🙂

    • twitter is more like real-time event driven news channel. So when an event happens, everyone is talking about it. But with time, it dies off.

      Take for example fridays – every friday the movie which is getting released is one of the top trending topics. (irrespective of, its bad or worst)

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