art of irritating (flash humour)

Mohan entered the medicine shop and said to pharmacist, “This medicine please,” and handed over the prescription.

A call came on the landline, pharmacist (without excusing) picked it up and started talking. Someone called him up for home delivery for medicines. He took order for more than 20 medicines. In between, Mohan, visibly irritated gave him dirty looks.

Mohan, couldn’t contain himself and said, “Keep this medicine ready, I will come and collect in five minutes.”

Pharmacist, keeping the phone down, “Wait sir, will give you.”

He came with the pack of 5.

Mohan said, “I just need one”

“Sorry sir, we can’t sell this in loose.”

Furious, he mumbled in a low voice and said, “Huh, give me.”

He took the medicines and was about to go.

Pharmacist said, “Sir, take the bill sir”

“It’s just 20 rupees, anyways, give me.”

Pharmacist said, “Tell me your name sir.”

Mohan visibly angry, “Manmohan singh and……in brackets Prime Minister”.

Pharmacist said, “Tell me the spelling sir.”

Mohan ready to bash him up replied, “Shame on you……… you don’t even know the spelling of Prime Minister’s name.”

(This incident happened on Aug 4th)


2 thoughts on “art of irritating (flash humour)

  1. Lol 😉 I kind of pity Mohan… He should have laughed when shop keeper asked for spelling.. 🙂 ..Same thing with my maid. I showed her picture from magazine (APJ ) She asked Who is that? I said its Abdul Kalam our ex-president. She asks : What is President ??? ME:.. (No comment face)

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