Cocktail movie review


On Monday, wifey said, “Let’s go for the movie Cocktail this Friday.”

Without thinking twice I said, “Chalo”. This was unusual of me  as I don’t watch movies in cinema hall that I think are going to flop. Moreover, I was highly skeptical since the recent movies of Saif and Deepika didn’t do well.

On Wednesday, I quickly booked the tickets online for Friday night’s show. Thought twice before hitting the “Pay” button because of the series of flops that had flooded the first half of the year. I booked the ticket anyways.

While I was waiting for the tickets to arrive in my email, the first disaster struck. I received a mail from on an offer which said ‘Buy 1, Get 1 ticket free on ICICI cards’. Arrrrrrrrrrrrhhhhh, I banged my fist on the workstation. One big book from the stack of books slid and hit the water bottle which didn’t have a cap, almost flooding my laptop.  I managed to remove my laptop at the nick of time, but by that time my notepad, few books and the carpet on the floor were already drenched. After disaster recovery, I only hoped that this damn movie was good.

On Friday morning, as I opened the newspaper, the second mini disaster happened. Times of India gave a standard 3.5 star rating to the movie. That means they cannot decide whether the movie is watchable or not. But it hurt to see it’s not a big hit. I didn’t read the review, but gave a fleeting glance to the first line. It was a love triangle.

On my way to office, I found the sky to be pretty clear. There was not much work pressure just the Karaoke evening in the office in which my best buddy Yash was participating. He was going to sing on stage for the first time.  I thought I will watch his performance, come back home at 6.30 and take wifey out for a dessert date in Tuscano (which she loved last time).

The clock ticked 5.30, the show started but Yash’s chance number was the last one. I went down to complete the document work which was pending. At 6.00, started raining heavily. I panicked because the show was supposed to start at 8.40pm, but knowing Bangalore weather, I knew it won’t last for more than 30 to 40 minutes.

6.30 – The rain Gods were at their best performance and waiting for Yash’s performance.  Got a little tensed, since there were hardly two hours left for the movie to begin and I had come to office in my bike that day.

6.40 – I tried talking to colleagues who had a car and lived near my apartment. Sadly, they were either busy or had already left. In this whole process of finding someone, the clock was ticking faster.

7.10 – Yash gave a fantastic maiden performance. He was ecstatic. I congratulated him and told him to drop me, which he gladly agreed.  We started from office at 7.20 and the moment we started the rain slowed down dramatically. I wanted to kick myself, because I could have easily taken my bike.

I reached home at sharp 7.55, finished my dinner and rushed out at 8.15.

On a good day, it just takes 10-15 minutes to reach the movie hall (in Forum True Value mall). I thought, if we reach in 10 minutes, I would still be able to surprise wifey with a quick dessert at Tuscano.

But then another disaster struck; it started pouring heavily and we got stuck in a big traffic jam. Wifey was pissed off and she started with the usuals.

“You always wait for last minute…”, “After a long time, we’re going to the movie hall… didn’t you take this (jam) into consideration…”, “You are just …..”

I tried arguing… anyways, cutting long story short, at 8.50 pm (10 minutes after the show time) we reached outside the cinema hall and I swiped my card in the Kiosk for the tickets. The damn thing didn’t work. Wifey by then was completely pissed off with the whole thing and started walking back. She almost reached the parking lot where the car was parked. I pleaded and pleaded and pleaded. She changed her mind but was furious. We went back to the ticket window. Thankfully, I got the tickets.

With so much water having passed under the bridge, I thought the movie better be good otherwise I am going to send a stinker on twitter to Saif, Deepika and whoever was related to the movie.

When we took our seats, I realized that we might have missed 2 minutes of the movie.

Movie Review

As per the official trailer on Youtube, Cocktail is a story about three friends Saif, Deepika and Diana. In the movie, Saif falls for Diana and Deepika falls for Saif.

Plot: Love triangle. Not too much to say on this, because of the innumerable Bollywood love triangles that have already been showcased before this one. This had to be well thought off. Surprisingly, it is written by Imtiaz Ali (Jab We Met fame).

Setting: London and South Africa. Somehow the exotic locations did add to the cinema hall experience.

Story, Characterization and dialogues: This is where it scores. In its true sense, this is where the actual cocktail happened – the story, characterization and dialogues. Taking the classic plot of a love triangle and adding some quirky, free-spirited, simple top-of-the-head ingredients make this a super recipe. The set up of the story is brilliantly done. It almost went smoothly till the end. The reason I said almost, because it became quite predictable during the last 20 or so minutes, which is kind of not so good; expected more from Imtiaz there. But hey, the dialogues towards the end overshadowed the weak ending of the story. It is filled with wacky, bizzare but awesomely timed dialogues.

Music: Chic, fresh and all the tracks blend beautifully with the story. There was one track though which stood out as Christ the Redeemer (statue in Brazil). The track is named Jugni. I instantly recognized the track, because I had heard it on MTV coke studio. Interestingly, this song has broken most of the records in Pakistan. For Cocktail, the makers had bought the rights of the song. The song was perfect for the occasion and literally carried the second half of the movie on its shoulders. While listening to the song through the Dolby Digital System, I was instantly transported to a different world altogether. The world where there was just one God – Love and the way to reach that God was just to flow with the song. It was that easy. By the time the song ended, it was a ‘wow’ feeling that engulfed me – this was the one of the best moments of 2012.

Performances: Saif was at his usual best in playing the role of a flirt, cowboy. Imtiaz did a fab job of giving him the dialogues that he loves to perform and he’s good at. Deepika played the role of an independent, rich and carefree girl from London. She has played this kind of role before and she managed to execute this one with absolute perfection.

The newcomer, Diana Penty, was very graceful in her role as a next-door-punjabi-girl who goes through transformation to a city girl. She was very impressive in the scenes where she just had to emote without words. I am sure this London-born-Indian model is here to stay for a very long time.

Boman Irani and Dimple Kapadia added a lot of texture and fun to the movie. They too were pretty good.

The best thing about the performances was the chemistry between the three lead stars. There were many scenes where the communication happened without dialogues – I simply loved it.

Out an out, true to its name, this movie is a perfect blend of dialogues, story, music, performances, exceptionally good looking cast, beautiful locations – A perfect Cocktail.

My dear reader, this love triangle deserves 4/5 (if you watch it in theater)

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