Movie review – Vicky donor

Eleven pm on Saturday night, Wife-in-law and Brother-in-law finished a TV serial while I was working on my laptop for Monday’s presentation. Both of them started whining about my working on a weekend and that too at night. Unfazed, I continued.

Suddenly Wifey declared, “I want to watch Vicky donor.”

Me, “Yes, we’ll watch it tomorrow afternoon. Pukka.”

She replied, “No, I want to watch it now,” with the sharp look that could chop of a tree. A big banyan tree.

I gave in and started set up. My laptop works as an entertainment device which connects to the TV.

Wifey said, “I will take a quick shower in the mean time you guys start the movie. Will be back in five minutes.”

Me and my Brother-in-law started the movie. Twenty minutes into the movie, I heard someone snoring. Brother-in-law dozed off on the sofa with the mouth wide open. I paused the movie and went inside to check on Wifey, she was in deep sleep. Sigh!

Coming back, I had two options – whether to continue with the movie or to continue working on the presentation. I chose the former because I was already hooked on to the movie and boy what a decision that turned out to be.

Ms. story writer – aka – Juhi Chaturvedi, tussi Kamaal kar ditta oye. A perfect story line that actually is the main hero of the movie. Leave the awareness part aside, this one is the must watch for every single wanna-be-writer or story enthusiast.

(the one on the right is Juhi)

Juhi, with your outstanding script and screenplay, you simplified the lives of actors and director. I loved the way you seamlessly merged all the sub plots in the end. Do you take interns by any chance?

Casting & performances

Annu Kapoor (yes, the same who played the role of newspaper editor in Mr. India) as Dr. Balwinder Chadda was exceptional. His role as a fertility specialist was truly remarkable. He added a lot more weight to the character, effortlessly without compromising on his funny lines. Guess Juhi and Shoojit Sircar (director) would have written the lines keeping Annu in mind. Extremely swift and perfect timing, the way Sehwag hits the cricket ball for a six.

Ayushmann Khurrana (yes the same MTV VJ) is definitely a strong contender for the Best Debut Male award. Since he is from Punjab, he played a character of a Punjabi boy effortlessly.

Yami Gautam, as Ashima Roy, played a Bengali girl opposite Vicky was awesome. She played the role of a Bengali woman who I was convinced that she is a bong. But after research found out that she actually is a Himachali girl and acted in South Indian films. She looked so warm and convincing. She is another one for the best debut female award.

The were two more ladies who played their role with utmost perfection and were hilarious. Dolly Ahluwalia (as Vicky’s mother) and Kamlesh Gill (Vicky’s coolest grand mother – aka – Beeji)


Easy, free-flowing, funny and true to the script. Reminded me of Jhankar beats. Few that stayed on in my mind

Romantic  (translated) – “It has become my responsibility is to make you laugh.”

Funny – Ashima’s Bong aunt said proudly, “I am not married, I haven’t found any one suitable.” Beeji (Vicky’s grand mother) replied laughingly, “You should have met me, I would have found you best one.”

Another one: Vicky said, “In Delhi, there are only two things that are modern. One is Metro and the other one is my Beeji.”

Touching – towards the end, when Yami said, “Ghar Chalein?”

Apart from that all the dialogues of Annu Kapoor, Beeji and Vicky’s mom were simply cool.

Ashima’s father’s dialogue in bengali added a lot more color to his character. Just at one point where he talks about “how good lovers” the bengali men are? was completely out-of-place – could have been avoided.

Setting and direction

As the director rightly pointed out – this movie couldn’t have been shot anywhere else but Delhi. The nuances – nosy neighbours, Bengalis in CR park, beauty parlour in every corner run by a woman named Dolly, you won’t find in any other city in India. Shoojit, you did a fantastic job. Everyone, a big round of applause for the director please.

If I were given a chance to edit the story/screenplay

1. The whole plot of how Dr. Balwinder Chadda met Vicky could have been much better. Perhaps it was the only (small) error in the story.

2. The kids towards the end of the movie appeared to be 5-7 years old. Wasn’t very convincing. Since the story span in the movie appeared like 1-2 years.

3. Would have given the following scooter to Dr. Balwinder Chadda .

Oh and one last thing:  Did I tell you, this movie is produced by Johnny (John Abraham). Good investment John, I am sure it will pay all your wedding bills. Good luck.

My dear reader, It deserves a good 4/5 rating. Do watch it and let me know your views.


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