My dream of owning an Aakash tablet

On Oct 5, 2011, when Mr. Kabil Sibal released the Aakash tablet, I jumped with joy. Finally a made-in-India technology product.

The day it started booking on 2nd week of 2011, I might be among the first dozen customers who would have made the booking on Datawind’s website. The moment I entered details on the website, an acknowledgement email arrived. It had an order number, assurance of delivery within 2-3 weeks and cash on delivery.  I thought, if  it comes before Christmas, it will be a wonderful gift to the spouse.

Datawind received order of 14 lakhs Aakash units in first 14 days. Sadly, the Aakash didn’t arrive in 2011.

I patiently waited all this while. On Jan 4th, 2012, there was an announcement that Aakash is slated to be shipped in the third week of Jan. With my fingers crossed, I thought if they ship it before 14th Feb, it will be a perfect Valentine’s gift. Sigh, my hopes took a deep dive.

All this while, Neither did Datawind reply to any of my customer service emails nor picked any of my calls on their numbers.

I became cynical about this whole inexpensive tablet thing declaring that as an hoax.

Then on April 2nd, 2012, I received an email from (Nimbuzz company) that you can book Aakash through their website and receive the tablet within a week.  I called up ncarry’s call centre number and to my surprise they picked up the phone. They assured that they have the tablets in their website and if I do booking by paying online, I will have the tablet within a week. I completed the booking at that very moment.

On 6th April, I called to check on order. No one picked up. I was nervous having already paid Rs. 2700 (200 for delivery). Colleagues started cracking jokes on my loss.

The same day, I sent an email to them. Surprisingly, I got a reply back the very next day that they have shipped the product and they gave me Aramex Courier tracking number.

I started tracking the courier, On 6th it said dispatched from ncarry, Gurgaon. On 7th, it has reached Aramex Bangalore warehouse. On Monday 9th, I called Aramex they assured me the delivery will happen in next 24 hours. Nothing happened.

On 10th, I called again – same response. On 11th evening, they mentioned the parcel is there in their warehouse in Indiranagar and assured that they will deliver by 12th Morning. I was desperate.

On 12th, I waited till lunch time, no signs. I took my bike and zoomed off Indiranagar office.

The receptionist told me that the parcel is there with us. A big sigh of relief.

She asked an office boy to get the parcel. 15 minutes passed, no sign. I started showing restlessness. 30 minutes passed, my face has turned in to a fire-emitting dragon. Not to take any chances of getting burned, She went inside to check. After like 45 minutes, an old man came with a parcel.

A big smile appeared across my face.

I asked him why they didn’t deliver before, since  the parcel is in this warehouse from last 5 days. He plainly said that the man who was suppose to deliver is on leave because of high fever. Sc**w you Aramex, this is not the first time they have messed up with my deliveries.

Anyways, I was delighted to have Aakash in my hands. The first thing I did is create this Unboxing video. (pardon me for my video shooting skills)

Full review – pretty soon.


3 thoughts on “My dream of owning an Aakash tablet

  1. hats off to your determination mukesh! and happy Aakashing 🙂 there has been a lot of blame passing about Aakash, between IIT Jodhpur and the companies responsible for marketing the tablet! anyway, atleast you have one now !

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