My dream of meeting an author

The first fiction book I read was “Tell me your dreams” by Sidney Sheldon. (Yes, I started reading quite late in my life). Boy, I was taken away by the whole package. I wanted to meet him (I first thought it was a She, because the main protagonist in all his books was a woman).

I wanted to meet him because of so many things.Image

  • To see an author in his mortal form . (As I believed all the creative types are immortal)
  • To ask about whether he takes his protagonist (characters) for a walk wherever he goes.
  • What is the source of his inspiration? How did he come up with a fantastic story?
  • How does he names his characters?
  • Whether his character was inspired by real life?

Sadly, I couldn’t realize my dream of meeting him because he passed away.

Then I came across another  famous author – Ayn Rand. I always have her three fiction books, in some form. with me. I wanted to meet her to clarifyImage so many things.

Sigh, she died before I started going to school.

The next author I wanted to meet was Chetan Bhagat. Boy, what a revolution he has created. He has paved a path, for millions of ‘wanna be’ authors like me.

Till now i haven’t got a chance to go to his book reading sessions or hear his numerous live talks in institutes.

Then one day, I read the book called ‘Losing my virginity and other dumb ideas‘. (Here’s my review). She Imagedid a good job of writing a popular Indian fiction without a college romance. She has such a gorgeous personality, I thought I will never be able to meet her. I started following her on twitter.

Interestingly she replied to few of my tweets (thanks to twitter). Since then we’ve become twitter friends. I bug her with many questions about ‘writing’.

Then last week , she tweeted that she will be in Bangalore. I asked her whether we can meet over a cup of coffee while in Bangalore. She accepted. I was thrilled. Finally, my dream of meeting an author was materializing.

So we agreed to meet on Saturday. I was so thrilled throughout the week, I even had the list of questions ready. Thanks to Bangalore traffic, I was running late that day. She tweeted back, let’s meet some other time.

I was sad and frustrated. I was like ‘God, why does it happen to me?’

On Tuesday, I was meeting an old friend over lunch. We were discussing about his new startup. Out of habit, I checked my tweets while waiting for our food to arrive. Then I realized, that my author cum twitter friend will be on MG road in the afternoon. I tweeted back to her and we decided to meet.

Finally we met – My dream of meeting an author came true.

But hey, nothing went as planned.

    • Image
  • Contrary to my imagination, she was a very down-to-earth person.
  • She asked questions about my book.
  • She asked me about my two daughters.
  • She treated me with ice cream from corner house.
  • She laughed at my silly jokes.

We also talked about the publishing industry, writing, her directorial stint and about her new book (slated to release in Sep/Oct 2012). Boy she was fun to hang around with.

To Madhuri,

there are very few easy-going, non-fussy, creative and gorgeous people on this planet. And you’re one of them.

Don’t ever change!


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