Why I chat with Cab drivers?

While returning from Coorg, we stopped by Restaurant Kamath to have lunch. I told the waiter to take good care of the driver. Since he was very helpful throughout the journey.

The last leg of the journey resumed after lunch. I was sitting besides the driver. The driver quietly reduced the AC of the car. I didn’t say anything, coz I thought it might be because of engine performance or whatever. Soon Wifey asked him to increase it again. I closed my eyes to rest.

After a while, my phone began to vibrate. I took it out and started to talk. I looked at the driver, he had half eyes closed. I called him, “Manjunath”.

He didn’t reply.

I freaked out, pushed him and said loudly, “Manjunath”

Thank God, the call came and I caught him napping while driving. I made him stop aside, asked him wash his face and I took over the wheel. He just manage to say sorry and put the blame on the sumptuous lunch at Kamaths.


It was 7 in the chilly morning and sun was hiding behind the clouds. We were moving towards the Bangalore International Airport in one of the Meru Cabs. I sat besides the driver as always. Once we got on to the airport road, I decided to have a quick nap since it was 15 more minutes to the airport.

Within couple of minutes, the wheel screeched as if the driver took the sharp turn. When I looked at him, he shook his head couple of times in disbelief and took out the chewing gum and started eating. He smiled at me as if nothing happened.


The next time, we were on the way to the airport early in the morning. Sitting besides the driver, I asked him since what time he’s awake. He replied to me that he started his duty 2am in the morning.I got a jolt.

To combat the situation, I kept on asking silly questions to him every now and then. Just to make sure, he doesn’t doze off. He was so annoyed with my questions that he switched on his radio in the cell phone and put one ear plug-in his right ear. To make sure, he’s awake I did some yada yada every five minutes to which he just managed a fake smile.

So dear reader, be vigilant if you’re traveling with a drowsy-feeling-driver.


6 thoughts on “Why I chat with Cab drivers?

  1. Haha…I had a similar experience when I was young. My dad was the driver and it was past midnight when he dozed off. My uncle sitting on his right, took control of the wheel immediately. Well, the car missed the tree by inches! Dad is always careful since then! 😀
    Nyc post 🙂

  2. Talk to the cab guy about his car. Make him talk about it. Or, luckily, if your and his music tastes match, talk about them. Find out if his home town is anywhere near your native place and keep the conversation going.

    Also, this is not only true about cab drivers. If you are traveling with your Dad/Uncle who is now in his 40s or more, or a friend who’s been working long hours the previous week. Keep chatting, and help the cab driver out if you’re in heavy rain/fog. It is not just the driver’s responsibility any more, the front passenger also has to take up some of it. Bad roads and worse traffic sense make driving tough.

  3. Me and cousin drove at 3am aftr sreya ghosal concert in Dubai to Alain where i stay 130 km an hour and litle more when we were almost a
    near home when i saw him driving eyes closd shook him violently …..

  4. First and foremost, never sleep or yawn if you are sitting next to the driver…it is contagious!

    Some of the perfumes used as air fresheners in the car actually cause drowsiness. Anyone who invents a coffee/masala chai perfume for the car should have an instant hit on hands! Zandu balm can do the trick too…though the others in the car may not like it.

    The most dangerous part of the ride with a rented taxi is when you are towards the end, on your way back home. On countless occasions I have observed the drivers taking unwanted risks to get ahead of just one more vehicle

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