We and horn

An irritating fact about Indians is we honk too much. The moment the traffic signal turns Green from Red, you’ll notice an irritating collage of beeps from the petrol guzzling machines.

The most annoying drivers are the ones, who in spite of knowing fully well that the person in front cannot go faster because there is traffic in front, still honk. To them I used to give them an angry young man look. At times, I gave them piece of my mind.

Lately, I’ve employed a Gandhian trick. If the driver behind is intentionally honking too much. I try to give him a way and Gesture him that the road is all yours, go zoom. Experiencing this, most drivers give me a puzzle look. Based on my mood I do two things

1. Leave them.

2. Get behind them and honk too much to irritate them.

In both cases the drivers just drive very fast not to get in front of my car (or bike)

Keeps me composed on road.


4 thoughts on “We and horn

  1. hahaha true very true extremely irritating these guys who keep honking. its like they just want us to VANISH. you have devised a nice technique to teach them a lesson but most of them are very poor learners 😀

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