Swensen ice cream & deserts

Was pleasantly surprised to experience Swensen’s ice cream in more than one ways

1. The location is superb – like Ebony – it gives you an awesome view of the newly constructed Outer Ring Road flyover, from top. (Location: Central on Outer ring road – 5th floor.)

2. The variety of ice creams they have is excellent  – its’ not about the taste only, its about the presentation. Here’s what we (me and wifey) and babes had – Mr. San’s Babies Sundae and Chocky whocky sundae


3. It’s light on the pocket   – Total we paid Rs. 192

The high-point of the whole evening was to see my babies eating on their own and relishing every spoon.

Go try it and let me know your experience.

Six locatons – http://www.zomato.com/bangalore/restaurants/swensens


(PS: Waiting for Swensen / zomato to spot this blog and hopefully pay me for advertising)


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