Bill Pay Defaulter by SBI Card

Here’s what happened:

Friday morning when I was checking my morning twitter feeds the current goes off. Switched back to good old way of getting news, newspaper.

30 minutes pass-by the backup generator (thanks to urban living) didn’t turn on (which usually happens in 30 seconds). Wifey looked on to the neighbors, find that the power is on. She panicked and ask me to rush to the maintenance office.

I went to the maintenance office and was informed that it’s because non-payment of bills the BESCOM guys came and cut the supply of our flat. Blah.

I told them its not possible because its always through ECS using SBI Card and never it has happened in last 14 months since I’ve got on to ECS. After futile argument of 15 minutes. I went back to my flat.

I was searching for some receipt that SBI has already paid.

1.  I searched for the credit card bill copy to see. But then I realised i switched over to eBill (to save the planet)

2. The current was off, so i could not connect to the internet.

3. The third class Airtel signal at my place ensures that I cannot get on to 2G.

4. I called up customer care, couldn’t get through because I had to wait.

I just took my helmet and zoomed off. While standing in the line to pay electricity bill, I again called the SBI card helpline. Thankfully after 5 minutes of wait, I was talking to the customer care executive.

I asked him to check if SBI has paid my electricity bill. He came back like 3 minutes and told me NO. I asked for the reason, he couldn’t give any justifiable reasons. I asked him, “Why did it happened and because of you guys there is no current in my home? My wife and my kids (normally they go to school) are living in this heat because of you.”

He coolly replied, “Sir first go and pay the electricity bill.”

Now my dear reader a question, what would you have done (if you were in my place)?

(oh and do share with your friends about the incident)


3 thoughts on “Bill Pay Defaulter by SBI Card

  1. sometimes you cant do much except accepting what has happened with you but you should interrogate with SBI what happened with their ECS system ? I have stuck with MTNL regarding internet and I suffered a lot in recent past. But as far as my knowledge is concern BSES doesn’t cut the power supply for only 1 ecs cancellation. before they (should) come to your home/call you on telephone to inform you to pay your bill. Incidentally my wife told me that 3 days back BSES’s employee came to our home and told they are going to cut our power supply due to non payment of bill………….My wife shows them copy of paid bill then they realized that by mistake they chose wrong house no. :)………..

    all the best…..I am also a wana be writer from delhi………..I like your blog………hope to get in touch on facebook/phone if you don’t mind 🙂

    Amit Joshi

  2. oh wow. I’d blast the CC rep first for the reply. “Sir go pay bill”. Why didn’t the ECS clearance go through? You should probably speak to the branch manager

  3. I got my first bill of SBI credit card before i got my SBI Credit card.
    This is injustice with me. Now tell me what should i do now?
    Customer care service is worst, and its next to impossible to
    speake to SBI customer care representative.

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