Movie review – Players


Short review – a nice attempt.

This one is from Abbas-Mastan, the duo, known for suspense/action movies like Baazigar, Khiladi and Race.

The movie started quite well, in fact it provided edge of the seat moments till Interval. Boy, I was pleasantly surprised with the whole package that included superb story line, excellent locations, perfect dialogues. I seriously thought that bollywood has finally arrived ( in the genre action/thrillers)

But, little did I know that the second half will not be able to hold. It dragged and dragged without any logic.

I was prepared for writing a detailed review on this about it’s story, performances and screenplay. But a dear friend revealed (before writing this review) that it’s a copy of ‘Italian Job’. Baah

So ending this review here (without the rating).

One time watch – (do watch the hollywood counterpart)

here’s the trailer of ‘Italian Job’