Movie review – That Girl in Yellow Boots

This was the favourite line among my gang in Mumbai.

If you eat in Thai restaurant and don’t like it what you order – remember profoundly the dish name, so that you don’t do the same mistake twice and tell others too.

And that’s precisely why I am writing this blog.

This movie is not worth a watch. The story line is Gross. The dialogues are filled with F words. Music – was there any? Wasted my time, so I don’t want you to waste yours.


3 thoughts on “Movie review – That Girl in Yellow Boots

  1. Well I beg to differ, this was one of the finest movie that Bollywood came out with! Otherwise all that you find in Bollywood is pointless stories, cheap rustic item numbers and weird song and dance!
    Well of course this movie is not meant for the masses but it’s for those who appreciate good cinema and connoisseurs, this was a treat and a refreshing break from the monotonous crap Bollywood churns out meant for people who are either dhoti clad, paan spittin goonks or twits wearing tight yellow Govinda bollywood pants that stick in the crack!

  2. Thanks for stopping by.

    I respect your point of view.

    Of Bollywood & Good cinema, I’ve seen some very fantastic movies in last 12 months

    MOD, Vicky Donor, Kahaani, Dum Maro Dum and Pyaar Ka Punchnama.

    I haven’t seen any dhotis, paan, Govidas in those movies.

    Do consider watching them.

    About the movie in question – Well the cinema, music or books is all made for striking the right chord. I guess this one failed for me but worked very well for you.

    So cheers and thanks for visiting.

    God Bless,
    PS: I’ve reviewed all the movies mentioned above on my blog. Do consider reading them.

    • Of the five movies you have mentioned, I have seen Dum Maro Dum and Vicky Donor; while the former was absolutely brilliant and I totally loved it, I didn’t find the latter quite amusing. I mean looking at what everyone was saying about this flick I had some high hopes but it turned out to be just another ordinary typical Bollywood flick.
      Kahani is being downloaded on torrent as I type.

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