Dum Maaro Dum – Movie review

Today itself I subscribed to Airtel movies on broadband. Wifey suggested that we should watch this movie. The reason: she is sad that John has proposed someone else and not Bipasha (bong connection).

Let me start with performances

Rana was magnificent. As a newcomer he deserves a round of applause (not sure, if it was his original voice. if it was, he’s going to be here for a longer time).

Abhishek, Biphasha, Aditya – seasoned actors. Absolutely flawless acting.

Prateik – Boy has talent, but somehow I strongly feel, he’s not going to make it big because of his voice.

Music – bang on, fresh and hip.

Story and overall -Don’t know the technicalities of camera, but visuals were absolutely rocking.

The thriller story started on a high note, it continued almost till the 2/3rd of the movie. Sadly, it didn’t end well.

The setup – payoffs in the movie were world class. The characters inter-windings were awesome – lot of things to learn here as a writer. A superbly written story – absolute pleasure to watch till the first 1.5 hours. The last part where the suspect was identified (by both Rana and Abhishek) could have been much better.

But as I said, it leaves you High and dry at the end.

Positives: story (leaving the ending), fast paced, music, performances

negatives: story ending, a little long (an extra 20 minutes) and

of course the main thing – the title could have been better.

My rating 3.5/5

Go watch it.

loved the last line

Kehte hain jab log marte hain toh vo jannat jaatein hai, par Goa mein markar koi kahi nahi jaata – kyonki Goa hi Jannat hai.


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