Movie review – That Girl in Yellow Boots


This was the favourite line among my gang in Mumbai.

If you eat in Thai restaurant and don’t like it what you order – remember profoundly the dish name, so that you don’t do the same mistake twice and tell others too.

And that’s precisely why I am writing this blog.

This movie is not worth a watch. The story line is Gross. The dialogues are filled with F words. Music – was there any? Wasted my time, so I don’t want you to waste yours.

Movie review – Hulla


Didn’t wanted to blog about this movie, but anyways.

Hulla is an excellent comedy movie, but only for the first half it. It has a subject that is quite small for its 110 minutes frame.

Awesome setup in the first half that promised a lot. But at the end it was – “blah”.


Performance by Rajat kapoor, Sushant, Kartika Rane, etc., were up to the mark. But what can you do when you have a weak story ending? or poor editing. Kartika Rane was a good find from the movie.

My dear reader, just watch it for the first 40 or 50 minutes, then call/SMS me  I will tell you the rest.

Cheers, it deserves not more than 3/5.

Mod – movie review


Wifey again chose this movie. She couldn’t watch it yesterday because of some technical issues with my laptop. So, I watched it alone. I somehow feel she has the seventh (or eighth) sense when it comes to judging a movie by it’s poster.

This movie just transports you to a different world – a hill station that has its own beauty and sweet pace. Nagesh (kukunoor) has this magic mantra to ease you into his story. The visuals throughout the story (especially at the start) compel you to logon to and book your holiday for a hill station (mind you it’s freezing cold in Bangalore – when this review is written)

Let’s talk about performances.

Ayesha Takia – I don’t know how Nagesh always get the best out of her. Haven’t seen her performing that well with any other director.  Probably it’s because when he writes the story, he carves her character in sync with her personality.

Rannvijay – Boy! He did a marvelous job. He should shut down all his businesses on the road(ies) and get on to movies full time. He may not fit in to a usual bollywood hero, but if he chooses his scripts well in the future, he can give all the heroes of today – a good run for their monies.

Brilliant characterization of Raghuveer Yadav as Ayesha’s dad and Tanvi Azmi as GG. Don’t know from where Nagesh unearthed these long forgotten gems. Also, small little things like the Band – ‘Kishore Bhakt’ has members of various religions like Muslim, Sikh, Hindu, Christian, etc., Most importantly Loved Ayesha’s character as a watch maker.

Let’s talk about the story – Perfect. I have been reading about writing stories for the last 15 months. In recent times, every single story that I watched (movie) or read (book) had some loose ends. But this one is just so darn perfect. It may be because when an engineer (Nagesh) decides to get down to any job (which may be story writing or engineering), he completes it with utmost precision.

Visuals (direction et al) – absolutely awesome. The location, the colors, the camera angle it’s like I can just see this movie again without the sound. Brilliant. Very lively colors in Ayesha’s house added a whole lot of meaning to the character.

Music – actually songs, were a bit disappointment. The music and songs were perfect for the movie, but none which you can hum or remember after the movie is over. Had a huge expectation after the extraordinary songs of ‘Dor’ and ‘Iqbal’.

I scratched my head to think – why the heck this movie did not take off during Dushera 2011. It took a long time to realize that may be  everyone at that time was waiting for

So, my dear reader, it’s an awesome movie with a tight story line. Go ahead and watch it.

My rating 4/5

Dum Maaro Dum – Movie review


Today itself I subscribed to Airtel movies on broadband. Wifey suggested that we should watch this movie. The reason: she is sad that John has proposed someone else and not Bipasha (bong connection).

Let me start with performances

Rana was magnificent. As a newcomer he deserves a round of applause (not sure, if it was his original voice. if it was, he’s going to be here for a longer time).

Abhishek, Biphasha, Aditya – seasoned actors. Absolutely flawless acting.

Prateik – Boy has talent, but somehow I strongly feel, he’s not going to make it big because of his voice.

Music – bang on, fresh and hip.

Story and overall -Don’t know the technicalities of camera, but visuals were absolutely rocking.

The thriller story started on a high note, it continued almost till the 2/3rd of the movie. Sadly, it didn’t end well.

The setup – payoffs in the movie were world class. The characters inter-windings were awesome – lot of things to learn here as a writer. A superbly written story – absolute pleasure to watch till the first 1.5 hours. The last part where the suspect was identified (by both Rana and Abhishek) could have been much better.

But as I said, it leaves you High and dry at the end.

Positives: story (leaving the ending), fast paced, music, performances

negatives: story ending, a little long (an extra 20 minutes) and

of course the main thing – the title could have been better.

My rating 3.5/5

Go watch it.

loved the last line

Kehte hain jab log marte hain toh vo jannat jaatein hai, par Goa mein markar koi kahi nahi jaata – kyonki Goa hi Jannat hai.

Book review – Revolution 2020 – Chetan Bhagat


Was really sceptic about how this will turn out to be, since Chetan’s earier attempt to write fiction (which is not his personal experience) in ‘three mistakes of my life’ and ‘one night at call centre’ didn’t live up to its expectation. However other two, five point someone and 2 states, had parts from his own life, so they were mesmerizing.

So, as an ardent fan, I gifted a dozen copies during the diwali season to my loved ones. Everyone was thrilled and completed the book. My copy was still lying idle, finally got some time during holiday season to have my eyes soaked in it.

How did it fair?
Bang on!  It delivered the promise between an author and a reader – You give me your time & money, I will give you experience and entertainment.

Chetan tweeted

‘Don’t Read My Books with a Red Pen in Your Hand’.

So being an story writer myself,  instead I read the book with pencil  because I knew there will be few dozen things to learn from the book.

I’ll skip the synopsis about protagonist Gopal, the lady in the love triangle Aarti and the other rocksolid guy Raghav.

Coming straight to the point – it’s a love triangle – it had close resemblances to ‘Kabhi haan, Kabhi naa’ and ‘Hazaar Khwaishen aisi’.

The first thing –  Revolution 2020 is an in-apt title, he could have done better.

Now I could write a detailed review on the story structure, characterization, plot and dialogues, but since it’s a busy week at office, let me give you only important bits.

So, let me first talk about what went wrong. Most of my buddies agreed that Gopal should have gone ahead with Aarti, by promising to change himself and the entire education scene. After all, she was the only reason for his existence. But, when I stepped in to a writer’s shoes I realized that it was required, probably the way it was delivered should have been altered. During Gopal’s realization on page 266 and 267, there should have been a more compelling event or a pay-off (which was set-up’d earlier) because this was the most important point in the book.

One second-last thing that I thought was missing is, how intense Raghav’s love was for Aarti? There was not a single incident, which said if Raghav was equally in love with her? (and not just to lust her).

Last bit, all the earlier books had a solid humor, this book lacked it. To tell you the fact, five point someone was the first book in my life, that made me laugh out loud till my stomach hurt.

Coming now to the bits that I really loved about the book

Beautiful visualization through words with statements like

The teacher walked along the aisles. Students shrank in their seas as she passed them.

A sweeper with a giant broom produced dust clouds in the air in an attempt to clean the place.

Awesome phrases

She could never understand that losers, even if they do not have a brain, have a heart.

How can god give girls so much power? How can they turn productive, busy and ambitious men into a wilting mass of uselessness.

Loved the new invented word


He also described Varanasi pretty well. Out an out it deserves 4.5 out of 5 in the Genre of Indian Fiction.

Lastly I can say,

The storyteller has arrived.

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