Book review – Bombay duck is a fish.

I bought this book because of three reasons

– good promos, by creating a short youtube video

– the author is also an screen writer in much hyped movie

– Shahrukh himself has launched it

Got the book and started reading.

The book has so many flaws, I now realized why the movie got doomed.

It started so well, that i was thrilled to complete it as fast as I can. But as I reached 20th page, my enthu died down. It took me nearly 15 days – 2 hours each to complete the book. (no I am not a slow reader, but wanted to understand every bit of the book)

I felt so bad after reading the end, that i decided I will no longer waste anytime to write the review. But few weeks down the line, here I am to save you from the effort.

My take in short

it started quite well – but that’s about it.
too many problems
– weak story structure
– too many characters, to remember
– flawed connection between chapters
– weak ending


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