Book review – Life is What You Make It


This one only deserves 2.5 stars.

Really doubt, why its always shown in the best selling category. Not worth it.

The starting imitated chetan bhagat’s style – mental asylum/hospital and all.

The structure of the story is one thing that lacked in this novel and many others by Indian authors.

– just because your first love was in different city, doesn’t mean you go ahead and find someone else.
– humor doesn’t come by writing – ‘i went to the stage, i started telling double meaning jokes and people were in laughter’
– the title of the book and the ending could have been better. The title doesn’t resonate with the contents inside the book
– in short it doesn’t flows smoothly

the only saving grace is its writing style – easy read / college story.


Book review – Bombay duck is a fish.


I bought this book because of three reasons

– good promos, by creating a short youtube video

– the author is also an screen writer in much hyped movie

– Shahrukh himself has launched it

Got the book and started reading.

The book has so many flaws, I now realized why the movie got doomed.

It started so well, that i was thrilled to complete it as fast as I can. But as I reached 20th page, my enthu died down. It took me nearly 15 days – 2 hours each to complete the book. (no I am not a slow reader, but wanted to understand every bit of the book)

I felt so bad after reading the end, that i decided I will no longer waste anytime to write the review. But few weeks down the line, here I am to save you from the effort.

My take in short

it started quite well – but that’s about it.
too many problems
– weak story structure
– too many characters, to remember
– flawed connection between chapters
– weak ending