Conspiracy for a free coke

Few years back, when I lived in Mumbai, McDonalds had just one policy, if they don’t deliver your order in a minute, you get a coke free. I remember, how thrilling it was to get that free coke.

Things have changed, here’s how –
In Bangalore, I once went to the CMH road store, they took more than a minute to deliver. I asked the free coke.
Reply came ‘Terms and conditions says  free coke is only available during peak hours – 7pm to 10pm’


One fine day, Went to Kemp fort store on Airport Road, ordered a cone, it took 20 minutes. I asked for the free coke.
Reply came ‘No Current, the machine is working on a backup generator’


Enter McDonalds in Bangalore Central, the order took beyond two minutes. I asked for a free coke.

Reply came ‘This is a new store, free coke is not applicable here’

Another day, Went to Brookefields store ITPL road, ordered a take away, it took again more than a minute. I asked for the free coke.
Reply came ‘No free coke on takeaways’


Last week, Went to brookefields store, ITPL road, ordered a McFlurry, it took again more than a minute. I asked them questions

Me: What time is it?

Mc Sales guy: 9:15 pm.

Me: Is it a new store?

Sales guy: No, its quite old about 8 months.

Me: how much time it took for you to deliver my order?

Sales guy: 1 minute and 50 seconds.

Me: Then give me a free coke (pointing to the free coke banner)

Reply came ‘Sorry Sir, Free coke not applicable on deserts’


McDonalds sucks big time…. (not it’s products – but it’s free coke promotion)


3 thoughts on “Conspiracy for a free coke

  1. I got a free coke once because of delay. Fortunately, they didn’t have any such excuse as you’ve mentioned.
    When you are in their turf, you need to play by their rules. Then only you can exploit such things (like Pizza free if more than 30 minutes, coupons/offers, etc.)
    When they say, “Conditions Applied”, why don’t you read it? (Same stands for ToS too)

  2. Oh god. That’s sad. Wondering whether you are plain unlucky or they have become this way. Thankfully I have got my free coke always :).

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