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Conspiracy for a free coke


Few years back, when I lived in Mumbai, McDonalds had just one policy, if they don’t deliver your order in a minute, you get a coke free. I remember, how thrilling it was to get that free coke.

Things have changed, here’s how –
In Bangalore, I once went to the CMH road store, they took more than a minute to deliver. I asked the free coke.
Reply came ‘Terms and conditions says  free coke is only available during peak hours – 7pm to 10pm’


One fine day, Went to Kemp fort store on Airport Road, ordered a cone, it took 20 minutes. I asked for the free coke.
Reply came ‘No Current, the machine is working on a backup generator’


Enter McDonalds in Bangalore Central, the order took beyond two minutes. I asked for a free coke.

Reply came ‘This is a new store, free coke is not applicable here’

Another day, Went to Brookefields store ITPL road, ordered a take away, it took again more than a minute. I asked for the free coke.
Reply came ‘No free coke on takeaways’


Last week, Went to brookefields store, ITPL road, ordered a McFlurry, it took again more than a minute. I asked them questions

Me: What time is it?

Mc Sales guy: 9:15 pm.

Me: Is it a new store?

Sales guy: No, its quite old about 8 months.

Me: how much time it took for you to deliver my order?

Sales guy: 1 minute and 50 seconds.

Me: Then give me a free coke (pointing to the free coke banner)

Reply came ‘Sorry Sir, Free coke not applicable on deserts’


McDonalds sucks big time…. (not it’s products – but it’s free coke promotion)