Movie Review – Pyaar Ka Punchnama

Women, please note – you’re gonna hate this movie.

My dear Luv Ranjan, am glad that you’ve written (and made) this movie. It’s a piece of art. Much needed in today’s time.

Loved the line – A happy woman is a myth.

But hey, there were few glitches. Like, the people who haven’t been through the cycle (wanting, having, hating), won’t understand. Having said that, no one can do anything about it, one has to go through to understand the truth.

The movie could have been shorter by 45 minutes or so.

Brilliant casting, awesome performance, excellent story line.

Out n out, brilliant acting, by all the new comers. Extra ordinary performance by Nushrat, she deserve an standing ovation.

Rayo Bhakirta, loved your composed performance, you rock.

After Omi Vaidya’s speech in 3 idiots, Rajat’s (Kartikeya Tiwari’s) speech is going to be the-speech-of-the-year.

I’ll rate this movie 4 out of 5.


Just go and watch it. You’re gonna love every bit of it.


Skip this movie. If you think, you have a bigger heart and want to understand MEN-point-of-view, give it a shot.

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