the toughest job

The toughest job –

15 years back: To get up on the local train from Dadar station at peak hours in the evening.

10 years back: To find an interesting girl, who could accompany me in the journey of life.

5 years back: To get my in-laws and parents together and make them have meaningful conversation.

1 year back:  There were 6 women in house during a day’s time. 4 permanent (wifey, MIL, 2 dolls) and 2 temporary (cook and Nanny). Making sure all of them are happy with each other was the toughest job.

1 Month back:  Parting away from my teary eyed dolls and handing over to school teachers.

1 week back:  Teaching car driving to my wifey on the main road.

What’s yours?


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