the toughest job


The toughest job –

15 years back: To get up on the local train from Dadar station at peak hours in the evening.

10 years back: To find an interesting girl, who could accompany me in the journey of life.

5 years back: To get my in-laws and parents together and make them have meaningful conversation.

1 year back:  There were 6 women in house during a day’s time. 4 permanent (wifey, MIL, 2 dolls) and 2 temporary (cook and Nanny). Making sure all of them are happy with each other was the toughest job.

1 Month back:  Parting away from my teary eyed dolls and handing over to school teachers.

1 week back:  Teaching car driving to my wifey on the main road.

What’s yours?

putting a child to bed


I run Great Parents’ Club in my workplace.

Recently, we’ve conducted a survey on experience of putting a child to sleep.

All the responses (~50) that we got agreed on

Yes – I feel calm and serene after i put my child to sleep.

Here are further comments from parents’ what they feel after that activity

May be the thought you can rest for some time makes you feel better:)

Further observation: Our thought affects our child. When we keep uor mind in a calm state, our kid also is calm. Both ways are true.

I experience soothing state of mind after putting my child to sleep – only if my child had a proper meal.

Yes, as parents, we both, the father and mother have great satisfaction, if our sons, sleep well and we will really bothered if one of my son, don’t have a peaceful, sleep, in certain nights, because, he might have played too much that day or certain unknown, circumstances, disturbs, him. That time, we pray to the Lord and all Gods, to put him to better sleep.

I feel good… after putting child to sleep.

I feel that it is my time. I can spend the time for me once my child go to sleep. After that I can clean the house, read books and listen to music.

We have two kids. We get a feeling of relief when both kids sleep simultaneously.

“As we maintain a standard timetable for my sons sleep its not a great challange. The deviation is normally not more than 30 min’s +/-. As we maintain this at all time we do not have any issues even when travelling.”

They’ll not experience any nightmares and cry loud in the night – Children also have a sound sleep – Wakeup in a good mood in the morning – Parents experience a sense of self-satisfaction and happiness since you feel very light

it bonds me with my son more. He gets used to my voice, and calms with it. He snuggles closer to me. Heaven is here.

Yes, especially if the child has been very mischevious through out the day.

“I used to keep my kids asleep by keeping them back on my shoulder and humming some lines…I found that its working…”

Well I fall asleep and start dreaming, until my wife starts grumbling about the days happening in the dark.

admire the way they have grown from being a tiny one

We are passing an energy to our child hence it is important for us to be in good state while putting our child to sleep – I have observed that my child gets disturbed during sleep if I am disturbed while putting her to sleep

Feel Happy and i go to sleep

Firstly the child should know that it’s time to go to bed. We do few things as a routine, we give him shower and change to his night suit, so that he feels fresh and gets good sleep, followed with a small story from a story book and we turn off all the lights to give him a message that it’s time to sleep. Most importantly you need to be consistent doing this all the days at same time, so that it becomes a routine. We started this routine sometime when he was 2.5 months old. Now changing to his night suit and turning off all lights itself is an indication, it is time to sleep. Starting a routine at any time is never too late.

It makes us to feel that the child gets rest from sleep to regenerate their energy and we also feel relaxed at that time and able to do our work.

We also feel good and relaxed after putting him to to bed and able to do our work.

I usually sing lullaby or bhajans to put my son to sleep. I watch his innocent face after he has slept. Both the music and his face make it a wonderful experience. Ofcourse I am able to catch up with lot of work after he sleeps and get to spend some time with others in the family. So really relaxing time.

What are your experiences after you put your child to bed? (add in comments)