Stanley ka dabba – Movie review

Amol Gupte Sir,

first of all a standing ovation from my side, for treating us with exceptional Cinema.

I loved the way movie was paced and ending was extraordinary. The beauty is, the movie doesn’t leave even if you are out of the hall. I actually came back to work after the movie and it’s not yet leaving me. So, i thought better to complete the review.

Partho and you were simply great in the movie.

Divya Dutta – I knew she had loads of talent, this role definitely uncovered a little of it. Rosy Miss, you rock, loved you.

I’ve been reading a lot about writing, story and more specifically screen writing. There were few things which i thought, could have been completed.

A) Verma Sir’s character – why was he like that? At first, how come he got the job? Somehow his background would have added a dimension to his character.

B) The guy, who was working in the hotel, once states that ‘you might be hungry since morning’. Now the point is, how come he doesn’t realize this. because every human being need to eat three times. I believe, that guy shouldn’t have said the statement.

C) The whole thing about inter-school, could have been better. probably, a different event, or different plot to showcase that Stanley is really hardworking chap.

Having said all that, i really feel gifted and blessed. So, like your earlier movie, you’ve definitely sensitized the audience for a noble cause.

I am with you.



One thought on “Stanley ka dabba – Movie review


    1. Why stanley not sent to government school, where he can atleast find mid day meal (I am suggesting because the plot of the movie was FOOD)

    2. Why 50% dialogues between principal, teacher and students are in english, do you think that common man of India understand that much of english ? (atleast my parents doesn’t understand that much of english in which headmaster tells his staff that school timing are going to extended after actual time)

    3. Why the history teacher was introduced in the movie, Just to feed extra meal to mr. amol gupte ? we thought that he will do something for STANLEY 🙂

    4. Children who doesn’t have even food to bring in lunch, doesn’t go to english medium school, and this is the truth.

    5. How can you show a child not bringing food & teacher doesn’t care of it’ (atleast in english medium school) not calling his parents…….strange screenplay.

    6. It doensn’t look convincing that a teacher leaves the school (after self realization), he could have said sorry to Stanley & could change his habits. Leaving school is quite big thing.

    7. Why Amole Gupte doesn’t bring his lunch, nobody ask him, till the end (was he also an ORPHAN ? hahahahaha , sorry to say, but its quite strange, every teacher brings lunch to school, yeah some has habit to peep into others, but it is impossible that Teacher doesn’t bring lunch and nobody is asking him even a once in entire movie.

    8. Some audience were predicting that Headmaster (who drops stanley after the function were aware of the fact that Stanley is an Orphan, if he knows he should take care of Stanley’s food atleast.

    9. Again it is almost impossible for a child who works at DHABA to have an admission in english medium school, now a days you need parents and other support to survive in these kind of schools.

    10. Stanley ka Dabba has a good issue, but the screenplay has only Food, Food & Food. BOTH INTERVAL & END COMES ABRUPTLY.

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