Book review – Madhuri Banerjee

My 2 cents on Madhuri Banerjee’s book that’s in the buzz

One of the afternoon, after heavy lunch, i was surfing the net for the Indian fiction. The first book, flipkart threw is this one. I googled about the author and found out that she’s a half bong like my twin daughters. Curious to know more about the work of a half bong, i decided to read it.

So I called up my librarian, to ask for the book. The lady picked up, I asked “ma’m can you check whether you have the book ‘Losing ….’” I couldn’t complete, I hung up. Instead I went to website and check, it wasn’t there.

I checked on to read it on my Kindle, but it wasn’t available. Finally, I ordered the book from, it came within a day and cost INR 105, that was cool. The three sides of the book were pinkish, as oppose to off white which was refreshing. It had a bookmark; I immediately fell in love with the presentation.

Coming to the contents, I started reading it with the eyes of a reviewer. I couldn’t find anything interesting or super till the line

‘It involves moving the soul of a text in to a different body.’

I instantly knew that writer has something more to offer then a dumb chick lit.

One of the other lines, ‘All relationships could be much happier if we don’t own the person’

Throughout the book there were dozen other lines which I loved.

Story started on a high note, as promised. It definitely had ups and at times was engaging. During the end, I thought, it could have been better.

I didn’t like the Arjun conflict that dragged for nearly 90 pages. It could have been shorter.

The other thing I didn’t like was a ‘quickie’ with Anirudh. Hello, knock knock, we’re living in a much conscious world. There are thousands of people carrying the Virus around. Nope, quickie, it wasn’t a thing to digest. The scene too lacked the structure.

Throughout, the book, one thing that i clearly missed was humor.

So, I had like few minutes extra, I thought let me put this under TECHNICAL REVIEW. I took couple of pages from different sections of the book.

The book performed fantastically on ‘passive sentences’: 0%

Flesh reading ease > 80%  (80+ is considered good to excellent, Chetan Bhagat’s score is nearing 90%) )

Flesh Kincaid grade level : 4.2 (anything less than 5 is fantastic)

Technically, it performed well above average in readability and engaging the audience.

Overall, it deserves a round of applause for the maiden attempt.

Didi, keep writing,


Click here, if you like to buy the book.


3 thoughts on “Book review – Madhuri Banerjee

  1. It is very old, but a awesome review. At least you gave a reason to buy a book. It is really worth.

    I am expecting few more,

    Like :
    few things left unsaid
    i hate you dear
    Those Were The Days
    Why did i fall in love

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