Stanley ka dabba – Movie review


Amol Gupte Sir,

first of all a standing ovation from my side, for treating us with exceptional Cinema.

I loved the way movie was paced and ending was extraordinary. The beauty is, the movie doesn’t leave even if you are out of the hall. I actually came back to work after the movie and it’s not yet leaving me. So, i thought better to complete the review.

Partho and you were simply great in the movie.

Divya Dutta – I knew she had loads of talent, this role definitely uncovered a little of it. Rosy Miss, you rock, loved you.

I’ve been reading a lot about writing, story and more specifically screen writing. There were few things which i thought, could have been completed.

A) Verma Sir’s character – why was he like that? At first, how come he got the job? Somehow his background would have added a dimension to his character.

B) The guy, who was working in the hotel, once states that ‘you might be hungry since morning’. Now the point is, how come he doesn’t realize this. because every human being need to eat three times. I believe, that guy shouldn’t have said the statement.

C) The whole thing about inter-school, could have been better. probably, a different event, or different plot to showcase that Stanley is really hardworking chap.

Having said all that, i really feel gifted and blessed. So, like your earlier movie, you’ve definitely sensitized the audience for a noble cause.

I am with you.


Book review – Madhuri Banerjee


My 2 cents on Madhuri Banerjee’s book that’s in the buzz

One of the afternoon, after heavy lunch, i was surfing the net for the Indian fiction. The first book, flipkart threw is this one. I googled about the author and found out that she’s a half bong like my twin daughters. Curious to know more about the work of a half bong, i decided to read it.

So I called up my librarian, to ask for the book. The lady picked up, I asked “ma’m can you check whether you have the book ‘Losing ….’” I couldn’t complete, I hung up. Instead I went to website and check, it wasn’t there.

I checked on to read it on my Kindle, but it wasn’t available. Finally, I ordered the book from, it came within a day and cost INR 105, that was cool. The three sides of the book were pinkish, as oppose to off white which was refreshing. It had a bookmark; I immediately fell in love with the presentation.

Coming to the contents, I started reading it with the eyes of a reviewer. I couldn’t find anything interesting or super till the line

‘It involves moving the soul of a text in to a different body.’

I instantly knew that writer has something more to offer then a dumb chick lit.

One of the other lines, ‘All relationships could be much happier if we don’t own the person’

Throughout the book there were dozen other lines which I loved.

Story started on a high note, as promised. It definitely had ups and at times was engaging. During the end, I thought, it could have been better.

I didn’t like the Arjun conflict that dragged for nearly 90 pages. It could have been shorter.

The other thing I didn’t like was a ‘quickie’ with Anirudh. Hello, knock knock, we’re living in a much conscious world. There are thousands of people carrying the Virus around. Nope, quickie, it wasn’t a thing to digest. The scene too lacked the structure.

Throughout, the book, one thing that i clearly missed was humor.

So, I had like few minutes extra, I thought let me put this under TECHNICAL REVIEW. I took couple of pages from different sections of the book.

The book performed fantastically on ‘passive sentences’: 0%

Flesh reading ease > 80%  (80+ is considered good to excellent, Chetan Bhagat’s score is nearing 90%) )

Flesh Kincaid grade level : 4.2 (anything less than 5 is fantastic)

Technically, it performed well above average in readability and engaging the audience.

Overall, it deserves a round of applause for the maiden attempt.

Didi, keep writing,


Click here, if you like to buy the book.